Mercedes Carbonell is one of the most highly-regarded and innovative portrait artists in Britain. Based in London, she is renowned for her imaginative and unique oil on canvases, 24k gold nudes and her acclaimed Ipad drawings of celebrities such as Royal College of Art’s Chancellor, Sir Jonny Ive. Carbonell uses a range of contemporary techniques and media to create work that expands the traditional ideas of portraiture into a realm of penetrating realism and beauty. Her unique style has won her many high profile commissions, including members of the Spanish Royal Family, film star Maria Barranco, MarC Newson, Antonio Weiss, Philip Sallon, Luz Casal, Alie Olivier, Tiarley Murdoch Freud, Jay Joplin, Carole Stone, Artist Damien Hirst’s mother Mary Brennan and Michael Barnett. Private collectors of her art include EMI and singer-songwriter David Byrne and Carbonell is currently working on a book of her Ipad drawings at the FireHouse in London’s Marylebone. Born in Spain, where Carbonell has exhibited widely, she is the recipient of the International Focus Award and her work has also been acquired by Spain’s National Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid. Her ongoing exploration of art as the narrative of the human spirit, and her personal approach to her subjects has won her a dedicated following in Britain, that continues to expand as she re-interprets classical portraiture for the 21st century. Most recently in Spring 2024 having an audience with Queen Camilla  at Kindred Studios.

HM Queen Camilla and Portrait Painter Mercedes Carbonell at her studio in London where the Queen admired a Portrait of Princess Charlotte. 14-02-2024

‘Mercedes Carbonell is a portrait artist of incredible charisma with a passion for the unique and unexpected. There is no-one like her.’’

Michael Barnett

Art critic and editor-at-large, State magazine