My name is Mercedes Carbonell. I have developed a unique technique to draw or to print real gold on textiles. Indeed I have just had been interviewed by Vanity Fair Magazine about my break through innovation. I was pictured in the dress below which contains real gold and has my signature gold print design of hands.

I was born in Spain and achieved fame and recognition as a Portrait painter and now live in London. You can see examples of my work on this webpage.

Why did I decide to work with gold? Particularly drawing 24k gold onto silk?

I practice my drawing skills everyday, using my left hand as my life model and as my muse.

My hands are a special gift that I have been given which is why I have always conceived them in gold ink.

I like them so much that I even make videos with them!

The natural progression was to put them into real gold not on cotton paper but on silk.

For a year I visited almost every textile studio in London, working with different methods, buying gold, getting professional advice but sadly at that time I was unable to perfect the technique.

I went back to my painting studio and concentrate on my portraits. Then, out of the blue, everything came together and I could see exactly how the gold should be put onto the silk. The  simplicity of the process itself was wonderful. I began working on a collection of scarves that you are about to see in this video. They are pocket scarves for men and for women, a unique alternative to conventional jewellery adding glamour to any outfit.

I had such a success with my friends that I was encouraged to include not only the hands but a variety of animals and classic cocktails! You can see some of the silk scarves in this video:

Golden Waves in a Dark Sea going your way. Please send them back to me. Get in touch!